Adsense and "Gone Viral" Dipshittery!

First i would like to tell the twat that reported my website to Adsense that they are a fucking asshole, next i would like to ask this asshole how the hell Adsense ended up getting onto this website seeing as how it cannot be used with adult content warning sites? Yeah, i'm fucking pissed off about this. I never enabled Adsense for this site and Blogger wouldn't let me anyway which means some fuck-tard hacked in and added it. Then some random prude or some random dipshit or possibly the same fuck-tard that hacked it reported the site to Adsense. Then i get an email from Adsense stating i had a policy violation and that this could put my other sites at risk of losing Adsense if they find something inappropriate on them as well. Well fuck Adsense and fuck the asshole who made Adsense my newest enemy. Next i would like to discuss this piece of shit website that is giving my site fake hits, it is listed as http://98f3687e.goneviral.com/ (DON'T CLICK THAT!!!!) but is actually some stupid fake hit generator that companies pay for to increase advertising. Fake hit generators are pieces of shit sites that rich and/or stupid people pay to subscribe to as a petty attempt to get real hits to their site. It's a complete waste of money and is highly unethical amongst bloggers to use these. It will come up as linkbucks advertising and displays some stupid ad/survey and then may or may not input something unpleasant onto your computer to track what you do and what you search on the internet. The stupid shit advertisers will do to get money and the stupid shit bloggers/companies will do to get money, they never cease to amaze me. So the necro-erotica stories will remain here as will the other transgressive fiction and i'm just going to ignore the dipshittery from Adsense as it didn't even generate revenue for this site anyway (because it was never enabled by me!!!!). Technically, adsense doesn't generate anything for me (or for most people for that matter) from any of my sites because no one likes to click ads.


Comments, critiques?