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Hey hey, These writings are not some product of an inner demon that none of you knew about. I have a dark imagination and a goodly amount of time, therefore i research things endlessly. The necro writings started as a way to show the world that there were people out there that seemed like every day individuals doing very odd things in their own spare time. I do not pursue the dead nor do i feel the need to. These writings come about from years of research into serial killers and other criminals. Do not fear, i am not nuts (not in that way anyway). The other writings that do not involve copulation with the dead are just random bits from dreams and from pure imagination. I am not a criminal or a perv. But i do have a dark imagination and very dark sense of humour. Hell, you know me. So once again, there is no weird inner demon that is crying out through stories. They are just works of fiction, nothing more and nothing less. A.D.

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