So you read a story, two, or perhaps only part of one? Well, i'm glad, but i know you may be wondering about the subject matter. Well, here you have prime examples of what is referred to as Transgressive fiction. It crosses the line of what is considered moral, sane, or tasteful, which is the exact point of the writing. It exists to push the limits of the mind, to take you into ideas that normally wouldn't sprout up in your brain.

What's the Deal with the Necrophilia?

Well, that is a good question. It's always been an intriguing subject to me, i don't exactly know why. I suppose it's because i can find humour in it but also i can, to an extent, understand how it comes about. It's really a sad condition to have, usually brought about by years of religious hatred for sex. Necrophilia comes about as an escape from sexual persecution and judgment and eventually escalates into a "need". In the condition that is brought about by years of being told sex is a sin, sex is evil, and one should avoid it completely, the person finds that sex with a lifeless body gives them sexual freedom from being judged as a sinner and is an escape from the fear of others' desires. There is another type of necrophilia, this type comes out in serial killers. In the serial killer necrophiliac, the return to the body and the sex with the body is considered the ultimate form of ownership, humiliation of the once living person, and reliving of the crime. Now there is the rare case of the necrophiliac who is a necrophiliac for the hell of being one, this is quite different and i know little about the psychology behind this type. All three types appeal to my mind because it is something so strange to the civilized world. In a bizarre way we could say it seems a bit "romantic". In popular literature throughout the years we've gotten necrophiliacs in the form of vampires, mythological beings, and succubi/incubuses. Our culture is fascinated by it but only when it is concealed as something maybe not so taboo. My writing is what we fear, the exact act of the perversion.

Why school shootings and murder?

"Death, death, death the whore."-Francesco Dellamorte
For the same reason that mystery writers write about death and murder, i am fascinated by it, how it comes about, why it happens, what happens afterward. The audience i wish to attract is also intrigued by it. Death is profitable in art and writing, why not write about it?

Dream Stories?

My mind is colourful at night. I dream in full colour as well as black and white and man can i create some crazy shit that is actually logical in an odd way. My brain solves many a problem in my sleep and it's usually like watching a movie in which i am starring as myself or as my shadow- usually as my shadow, a black haired dude with a liking for the bizarre. So all in all, the dreams make for damn good stories because of their detail and plot lines.


If you have any questions regarding my writings or would like a quick dream interpretation (at which i am pretty good), feel free to drop a comment.


  1. I come to this via looking for nerco stories and I love it! its awesome that you write em.

    1. Thanks for visiting. It's good to know that some of the site's hits come from real people instead of just "hit generators" and that people actually enjoy the stories. Thanks for writing a comment, it's been 3 years on here and you're the first to comment on the stories and it was a positive feedback. For that reason, i will finish typing up the next story this weekend and post it. It will be another necro story of course, this time perhaps a bit different than the others...

  2. Well the stories are awesome and look forward to reading more.
    I really enjoy 'em and your other musings.

    mors vincit omnia!

  3. Also im very glad youre going to ignore the nonsense and carry on.


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