Every night for the past 6 years Angel Drena would walk home on the scenic route that took him past the Everwood cemetery. He was a man who truly appreciated the fine art of sculpture and the sweet scent of freshly dampened earth. They seemed to him to be the main reasons why he was so fascinated with graveyards. But it always seemed there was something else, some other deep, hard to find reason. Often times he'd try to think what that reason could be as he looked through the daily obituaries. Then, one day out of the blue, the picture of a beautiful young woman caught his eye. She was hovering above an extensive obituary that named everyone she loved. He read the entire thing and stopped at the bottom where it listed the cemetery at which she would be buried. To his astounded joy, she was going to be placed at Everwood. This, he decided, was that deep meaning to his love of cemeteries and basically all things dealing with death. Wondering about his sanity, he came to the conclusion after much mindful debate that he would attend her funeral.

Never having known the woman in the picture, he really considered how strange it would seem for him to appear at the funeral. Of course, he could always say that he saw what funeral home she would be at in the paper and that he regularly attended random funerals. It was a crazy idea, but Angel didn't want to dwell on how awkward it could turn out.

Friday, the day of the funeral, Angel had to work but asked to be let out early because his "friend" had passed away. On his way home to get ready, he once again walked by the Everwood cemetery. This time though, he walked through the gates and looked around a tad. It didn't take him long to happen upon a freshly dug hole. He knew it was her grave. Emily Daggart was engraved in formal Times New Roman font on the headstone. A flow of new thoughts flew into his mind. A craving to know exactly how she died and how she lived swept over him. He was fearful of this and quickly tried to think about other things. These thoughts weren't normal.

At the funeral he sat in the back row next to the door of the small chapel. On his way in he signed the guest book. Quite a few odd looks crossed over him as mourners poured in through the doors. He had been the 5th person there so he ended up enduring about 76 glaring gazes. All this made him uncomfortable but he was thankful that no one attempted to talk to him. After most of the people had quieted, a small man in black robes stood up at the podium. For what seemed like hours he rambled on about the life and times of Emily Daggart. Some of the talk Angel enjoyed, some of it he thought was rather pointless to bring up. During the more boring parts of the ongoing speech, Angel fantasized happily about doing naughty things to the recently deceased woman at the front of the chapel. At times he tried to push the thoughts away. He knew they were very horrible things to think, but he couldn't seem to make them leave.

Finally the rambling speech ended and it was time to leave. Again Angel got the funny looks but no one spoke to him. He made the decision to wait until nightfall to travel over to the cemetery. Now he was very determined to know Emily much much better.

Nightfall came, but it seemed to take an eternity to get there. Angel had mapped out his entire plan. First, he'd take a shovel to dig up the body and then when he arrived at the graveyard, he'd climb the gates, uproot the woman and finally, enjoy what he came to do. Again he thought his sanity was fading, but knew that he was indeed not insane, just overly horny. He hoped for the best and figured the cops wouldn't find him. They never patrolled the cemetery or the surrounding streets.

Out he ventured into the warm summer night air. He walked briskly carrying the shovel in his right hand. When he arrived at the cemetery gates, he threw the shovel over and quickly scaled them. He was in and no body had seen. Emily Daggart's name stared up at him from the headstone.

Angel dug her up pretty quick. It only took an hour and a half to fully uncover the casket. He opened it and stared at the beauty inside. She looked as though death had never touched her, like she was just sleeping instead. He bent down to touch her face. It was unusually warm, but he supposed being in the hot earth had elevated her temperature. It was summer after all.

Not wanting to reconsider the actions he was about to perform, he lifted Emily out of the casket without another thought. He closed the lid and laid her on top of it. She seemed so light. For a moment he just looked at her, marveling at her prettiness. He thought it was a shame she had died.

No longer hesitating, he pushed up the bottom of her black dress so that it covered her face. Angel didn't want to see it while he was screwing her. He didn't care for the way she looked, almost alive but really dead. It'd be easier if she looked completely gone.

Slowly he found his way into her. She seemed unusually warm inside. He shrugged it off as just summer heat again. He started pumping her good when he realized something was extremely odd and he couldn't blame it on the heat. She was wet inside, really wet, yet he hadn't cum.

It was too late to quit he was so close to orgasm. Emily stirred but he didn't care, he desperately needed to finish. Angel moved faster and faster with his eyes closed, deep in concentration, when he felt a hand on his leg. He quickly pulled out in a quick burst of realization. Emily's other hand pulled the dress from her head. For a moment she stared astonished and frightened at Angel. All he could do was stare at her with those exact same emotions screaming out of his eyes. Finally, she broke the silence and spoke.

"Who are you?" she asked in a heavenly, yet scared voice.
"I'm, um, Angel Drena." he stuttered out.
"What are you doing and where am I?" Emily asked baffled.
"Well, I...I found your obituary in the paper and thought you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen and I just couldn't resist you. I went to your funeral and then I came her when it got dark to, umm...make love to you."
Angel could barely stand to here all of that come out of his mouth. He sounded perverted and insane.
"Angel, that's seems sweet in a twisted way, but I'm not dead and I'd like to know why everyone thought I was. I know you probably don't know."
"Should I leave you alone now?" Angel asked timidly.
"Not yet Angel, you're not done." She smiled slightly but the grin seemed almost deranged.

Angel looked at her, very puzzled by what she just said. He thought maybe he should just leave and get away before Emily fully awoke to what had happened. Though, she seemed quite awake as it was.

Emily saw his confused and scared look and told him she was ok.

"Please Angel, finish what you started."
"I don't know if I can now." he stated.

She grabbed him around the neck and pulled him close to her and then kissed him right on the lips. He kissed her back. Strange as that all was, he decided to do as she wanted.

He put himself back inside her and completed what he originally wanted to do. Emily seemed pleased by this.

"I think I should go home now Emily." Angel said.
"Alright. Where do you live?" she asked brightly.

After a long bit of hesitation he told her the address and they said their goodbyes. The whole walk home for Angel was filled with terrifying thoughts of later being accused of rape and put in jail. Those thoughts drifted away as he slept that night.

The next day a huge article was in the paper about Emily Daggart. It stated how some strange person had known she wasn't dead and had dug her up. Apparently that was the story Emily had given. Angel was highly relieved to read all of that. The paper also reported that Emily's family were going to sue to the mortuary as well as the hospital she had been at. It seemed the doctors had given her a wrong diagnosis and the mortuary had never embalmed her.

A week later Angel was getting ready for work when he heard a knock at his door. He was shirtless when he opened it. Emily threw her arms around him and kissed him. Angel looked at her baffled but happy. She smiled, handed him a note and walked back down the path that led to the front door of his house.

He opened the note and found a question.

"Will you be mine forever?" it said.

Angel looked up from it to watch Emily walking down the street. He did want to be her's. It all seemed so strange and sudden though, but he supposed he could overlook the oddness of it.

He finished getting ready for work. As he was walking he passed the Everwood cemetery and considered the note he had gotten as he glanced at the headstones. Later in the day when he got home he found Emily sitting on his front steps.

"Well?" she asked.

Angel put his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

"Yeah." he said and then kissed her.

She smiled and he opened his front door. They both went inside.

------author's note-----
i absolutely hate this fucking story. it ended badly and just overall isn't well done. anyone with ideas for a better ending feel free to tell em. this, for now at least, is the last of the necro stories. i also hate the title, but it does have lovely shock value.
Author's Edit Note from May 2012: I'd like to know why people are reading this story, what led you to the story page and what were you looking for? I just wonder because this post seems to be getting legitimate hits from places all over the world. So how do you end up coming across it?

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