Sick Love (necro)

Day after day for 5 years Damon devoted time and patience to pursuing a quite lovely young lady with whom he had fallen into obsession with. Often times he'd daydream about how beautiful a time they could have if she would just give him a chance. Unfortunately, Rebecca was part of a completely different social level at school, which meant she was completely off-limits to the dark lad with the strange yet "pretty" eyes. True, she had given him a look over and found him attractive, but she came to the conclusion he wasn't her type. The young men with long black hair, blazingly cold blue eyes, and baggy black clothes were never looked at the way the ones with the blonde hair and khaki pants were. It was a hard fact, but a fact all the same and Damon took it well. "Someday," he would say to himself aloud at night, "she'll be with me." Quite a dream it was, but on one fine day a year after graduation, he would finally get to be with her.

In his head he had it all worked out, a nice little trip to the cemetery and then back again before mother could come home to find him gone. He thanked the gods that she worked third shift, otherwise this little jaunt would be impossible. Damon showered, shaved his whole body--something he did no matter what; body hair irritated him--and dressed himself in nice black leather pants and a tight black nylon shirt. Before leaving the house he took a long hard look at himself in the mirror. "Damn I'm hot!" he said to himself after a thorough inspection, then out the door he went.

Autumn was a lovely season he thought as he walked the mile and a half to the graveyard. Leaves cascaded down around him every time the cool breeze blew by. Each step he took made a rustic crackle sound as the ocean of colour below him crunched and broke into pieces. So brittle the foliage had become; so brittle had his mind as well.

About 1 am he reached the cemetery and hoped Rebecca would still be there. Really, where could she go? He thought with a small laugh escaping his mouth. Toward the back of the fenced yard of tombstones he saw the spot where she'd be. It was a mausoleum with a high roof and angel statues guarding the door. Damon walked back to it and found the door to be ajar. He walked inside. The place seemed cold, dismal, but this didn't phase him. The lad was on a mission and would not let gloomy gray stones and cold air ruin his enthusiasm.

Rebecca was there, no doubt about that, she couldn't really be anywhere else. She'd been in that little death home for 3 days and she'd been there for a very good reason. In the second week of October, the poor girl happened upon a terrible accident. Whether it was intentional or not wasn't clear, but the family declared it an accident so there would be no investigation (reputation was everything). It seemed that Rebecca had accidentally consumed a whole bottle of pills. Her sister had found her cold and with a nonexistent look to her eyes. Apparently it was the least traumatic event in the lives of the Embers. All they seemed concerned about was what was going to be published in the paper.

Her funeral came and went. Damon attended it, not because he was notified by the Embers, but because he had read the obituary. It was while the preacher was rambling on that he stumbled upon an absolutely wonderful, although illegal--not to mention immoral--idea. Oh yes, what a perfect thought that had been.

Damon moved his way to the back wall of the death house. There before him was her chestnut coloured casket resting on a shelf 3 feet off the ground. The way the sections of the mausoleum were made him think of the catacombs in Rome. He'd never been there but saw them on TV. Apparently all structures that held death were basically the same.

He carefully pulled the casket off the shelf and when one end of it hit the floor it made a loud thudding sound which made him want to jump about 10 feet into the air. There was an immense feeling in his mind that he would get caught and it made him jumpy. All he could do was push those thoughts away and focus on his growing anticipation to keep his nerves from going overboard. Slowly and cautiously he opened the casket's top. Inside there lay the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. She had soft brown eyes under a shade of disquieting milkiness. Upon seeing those overcast eyes he looked away for a moment but then regained confidence. Aside from milky eyes she was the picture of perfection. Blonde hair adorned her face, her skin was pale and slightly blue around the high points of her body. She was wearing a soft white cotton dress. The acrid, although not unpleasant, smell of formaldehyde floated up into his nostrils. This is it, he thought to himself. If I don't do this, then I'll never have peace of mind and she'll never know how much I loved her.

Damon slid Rebecca out of the casket and laid her on the floor. Damn she's beautiful, he thought. For a few seconds he just stood there, staring at her lying before him, waiting for him. Thoughts raced through his mind and he felt a slight tightening in his balls. Realizing that after that night he'd be deemed a pervert if anyone ever caught him, he almost lost the urge to push on. Almost.

He got down on his knees by her feet and gently pulled her legs apart. Before pulling up her dress to wonder at her body's beauty, he got to his feet again and walked to the door. He peeked out, saw that no one was around, and walked back to where Rebecca was waiting. Back to his knees, he lifted up her dress and discovered that they don't put bras and panties on the dead. Instantly he grew hard. This was the "hottest" woman he'd ever laid eyes on. It was a pity she died and would soon be decaying and stinking just awful. Her breasts were, he supposed, a size C, nice and full too. Her slit, although no longer pink, was still amazingly perfect. He groped her tit with his left hand and unzipped his pants with his right. Long enough to get his pants off, he let go of her breast. All his nerves were on edge, not just because of fear but because of sickeningly sweet horniness. In a quick move he was on top of her, kissing her lips, feeling the cold of her lower abdomen and legs against his skin. For the first time, he made love to a dead woman and it was the greatest love he ever had.

After finishishing what he had come to do, Damon placed Rebecca back in her final bed and heaved the casket back up onto the shelf. For a while he just stood there, staring at the chestnut finish, thinking about what he had just done, how much he loved her, and what he would think of himself in the morning after the high of dead sex had left his mind completely. Finally, he decided to leave the mausoleum, bidding his love a farewell and an "I love you" as he went out the door. Still no one was outside; he was lucky. As he glanced at his watch he started to wonder if he'd ever be found out. He assumed not and was a tad baffled to find it was only 2:30 am. It seemed like he'd been in there for an eternity. There was a slow walk home, taking him until 3:47 am when he finally opened the door to his house. Thankfully his mother hadn't come home early, explaining where he'd been would be excruciatingly difficult. He never did lie well. Damon walked upstairs to his room, he looked down to take his pants off and found them unzipped. "Holy shit, I walked all the way home like that," he said to himself with a laugh. He removed the pants, shirt, and shoes and went to sleep with sweet dreams of his one true love floating through his mind.

------author note------
This is © as mine and if stolen there will be lots of money lost by the plagiarist. Anywhoo...there's supposed to be italicized areas, however, i don't believe they came out, so please pardon the lack of italicizing.

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