Dead Girls Don't Say "No"

"Oh baby I'm cumming!" his orgasmic cries filled the shrill night air. He couldn't believe he was finally having sex with the girl he had craved for years. He was 19 and she had just turned 18 two weeks before this night. Youth in love; Such a beautiful night to lose one's virginity. The crescent moon was high, the air chilled slightly, Halloween not too far off.

She was a pretty girl with skin of white lace and eyes of a deathly grey blue. Her cheek bones were accented by tinges of light blue, her lips a faded shade of purple. Crow black hair adorned her face making her complexion stand out in the dark. He loved her greatly and wished he could have had her in the past.

His long hair had smothered her face as he gently found his way into her. Her pussy was tight but he had no trouble inserting his rock hard cock. She was cold inside but that didn't bother him. He rammed her hard and brutal fast. He put her arms around him as he got his orgasm. When he came her pussy became warm and gooey. He pulled his dick out and sat beside her for a moment. He wished he could take her home with him but that didn't seem logical.

He had known the girl in high school and craved her ever since. Often times he would ask her out but she had always refused. He thought they were the same in many ways. She liked the dark, he liked the dark and she was into tattoos and piercings and dark clothing just like he was, but she didn't want him then.

It's not like he was ugly or anything. He had long dark brown hair, deep green eyes and a great body structure. He stood at 6'1 and, in a way, resembled a mortal vampire. Despite his striking looks she had always thought him to be too weird for her tastes. Years passed though and now he was with her.

He had seen her picture in the paper 3 days before and had planned on meeting her. The paper said she'd be at Hillcrest on Saturday. He went late Saturday evening and before he dug in he said to her tombstone "Dead girls don't say no".

Author's Note: This story is going on 10 years old soon. It's not what i'd call "quality", but it started the list of necrophilic writings i've produced over the years. Seeing as how my story "Necro Erotica" seems to be getting lots of attention from various European readers (at least according to the statistics page), i decided to add this old one to the blog. It's not well written nor is it an epic adventure into the mindset of a little understood perversion, but it does get the point across i suppose.

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